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Jimmy—Registered enrolled nurse
(without notation)
Private aged care
Metropolitan Melbourne

When COVID hit for the first time, not only did I lose a few friends and family members, but my job was also at stake. I am an ex-chef and hospitality was the worst hit sector during this pandemic. I’d worked in hospitality for about twenty years and it was time to make a change. I wanted to do something for the community and help people in need.

I’m a person of mature age, so the idea of changing careers didn’t seem that easy. My mum is a retired nurse and I also have a few friends and relatives in the healthcare sector, so I was aware of this profession. I decided to take it up, however I wasn’t sure how well I would cope with study at forty-plus years of age.

Today, I have completed my diploma and I feel my biggest achievement was to get myself enrolled—the two years went by so quickly and completion came easily.

The future depends on what you do today. Don’t limit yourself. Begin somewhere. This is my motto. I would like to share my story to motivate anyone who may be thinking of a career change. Go for it because it’s never too late to study and gain new skills. You may find the path to where your heart belongs, like I did.