I ROBOT – Head On

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Rosalie—Registered nurse
Metropolitan Melbourne

A cold bleak morning
Witness to workers walking
To prescribed places
Every robot has a role to play.


All cogs in the vaccine machine
Mesh, turn, grind, repeat
Check, consent, inform, inject
Click complete, one less to go.


Through mask and visor
Blue robots speak
Queue here, sit there
No-one’s unique.


Each one will hear
The script of facts
Tune in or tune out
No time to doubt.


Here for your Pfizer
Or there for your Astra
Check each label, vaccine stable
Click complete, clean the table.


Fifteen minutes more to wait
Just let us know if you are faint
Computer says you’re good to go
Click completed, now you’re treated.


Tomorrow is another day
The machine will run again
Much the same, more or less
Rinse repeat, click complete.