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Metropolitan Melbourne

In the hallway of my hospital back entrance is a series of old photographs depicting staff and patients from times gone past. So when a global pandemic hit our hospital, I wondered if, at some time in the future, these same walls would display pictures showing the work of the healthcare staff on the frontline.

But photographs were only really coming from the occasional news outlet or social media account and I wondered how they would portray the nurses I was working alongside. So, after some discussions with the hospital communications team and ward unit managers, I decided to put my skills as an analogue film photographer to the test and started taking photographs of the nurses working around me on my ward and then on other wards.

I hoped these images would show my perspective of what was a very difficult time. I also hoped they would convey how proud I am of my colleagues and the care they provided. As I Iook at the images now, I can see that, as time passed, the feel of the images moved from isolation to teamwork and then finally to hope.

See online Gallery for images by Ben.